Sunday, December 28, 2014

Greg's Spring Walk is full but check back for fall 2015.

Dependent on weather conditions, we will see how many mushrooms are out but we most definitely will learn a plethora about wild edibles!   We will meet at the Sultan Park and Ride and return there at the end of the class/walk. Please call #360 793 8813 to sign up for the class ( have your credit card  ready $30 is the fee) is limited to 15 people.  The spring walk is full check back for fall 2015.
You can always contact Greg about having him speak at your event such a girl/boyscott and Eagle Scout meetings.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Russula Margarita

 The mushroom that Greg  has Discovered and Named!
The Russula Margarita

Friday, September 19, 2014

North Cascadian Tree Indentification ...A guide useful in mushroom hunting


This is an extremely helpful guide  to aid in  your forays for mushrooms in the North Cascades and other parts of Washington state. Certain types of trees create conducive  environments for specific types of mushrooms.  Once you learn these trees, you can possibly find locations where those respective mushrooms may grow!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Mushroom Walk October 18th, 2014 9am to 6pm

Greg Hovander is doing his fall season mushroom class  and hunt October 18th, 2014.   We start at 9 am sharp at Sultan Park and Ride. Bring your own snacks but a lunch made from edibles we find will be prepared as late as up to 3 pm. We will be back by 6pm.  There are only a few spots left. Please have your credit/debit card ready if you want to reserve one of the last remaining spots for this years mycology lessons, mushroom identification and knowledge about other wild edibles.  If you are coming from Seattle, Sultan Park and Ride which is right on Highway 2, is approximately 45 miles from the heart of downtown and an hour drive. Please call 360-793-8813 to reserve your spot.

Greg only does on mushroom hunt per fall! He also does a walk in spring which includes more time identifying wild edibles and medicinal plants. You will learn what signs you need to look for to help locate  areas mushrooms are growing. Of course, you will learn how to identify mushrooms and other wild edibles we come across in our foray. We expect to find several types of mushrooms including chantrelles, lobster mushrooms and so much more.